Waverley Council are committed to environmental education and engagement with our community. It is a crucial and major part of what we do and value at Council. 

We want protecting our place to be a normal part of our everyday. We want it to be second nature.

With electricity price increases as well as environmental concerns more households and businesses are choosing to use electricity from renewable sources like the wind and sun.

The Festival of the Winds has had a long history of supporting alternative sources of energy.  As we continue in our commitment to renewable energy sources, join us for this great panel below. 

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Enjoy a recording of our recent Green electricity Webinar.


We all use (and pay for) electricity, but how much do we know about where it's coming from and what greener, cleaner and more climate-friendly options are available to us at home and at work?

In this 'lunch and learn' online webinar, get informed about how to purchase renewable energy for your home or business, how you can be sure its “green” and other options to support a safe climate to suit your budget.

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